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Kyla Bishop

One of my favorites was the night she came over to Paige and I's apartment in Hays right before Christmas break the last year she went to school there...she showed up at the door in adult footy pajamas, cowboy boot slippers, and her sock monkey hat. We spent the evening watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. When she left, I got up and locked the door after her then sat back on the couch to talk with Paige. All the sudden we hear this SMACK on our door that sounded like a shot and someone squealing like crazy. It scared Paige and I both so bad that we both screamed and shot off the couch and I ran to the door to look out the peep hole to see what the hell was going on. Rylee was standing there, so I opened the door and she flew inside just yapping a mile a minute and hopping around. I thought something awful had happened, like someone had attacked her on our stairs or something. Turns out...the girls that lived on the floor below us had a bad habit of leaving full bags of trash outside their apartment door for days on end. A little rodent (of the four-legged, naked tail variety) had found one of the bags and helped himself to it. As Rylee had been heading down the stairs, she saw the little critter, and being as soft hearted as she was for anything that had fur, she wasn't wearing her glasses by the way, thought that it was a small puppy that was digging for food. So she bent down and beckoned it to her, when it crawled out of the bag and started coming towards her, she realized, puppy it was not, hungry possum it was! That's when the squealing and running back up the stairs, and starfishinig into my locked door hard enough that she sheared the bolts off the hinges started. It surprised her so much but once she told us the story we all laughed so hard we were in tears. She had dreams about that possum for a couple weeks after it happened and was one of our favorite stories to relive.